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How Document Storage can help your business to Save Money

Most businesses use a large amount of paper documents each and every day, meaning that it is important for them to have a secure document storage solution in place. However, many businesses find issues with storing their documents on site, leading them to opt for the services offered by document storage providers. There are many benefits to external document storage, and the team at RADS document storage how listed the benefits and how it can help businesses to save money over a prolonged period of time.

Complying with Rules and Regulations – Very beneficial to businesses in many ways, external document storage is an approved way of storing your documents and data in a safe and secure way. External document management companies have measures in place to ensure that they are fully compliant with the laws, rules and regulations that surround document storage and data.

Your business will be fully protected by such companies with the correct facilities and procedures in place, with a big focus on compliance for each and every business worked with. This is extremely important as failure to comply with the rules and regulations can lead to severe consequences, including financial penalties, meaning that a professional service can help to prevent any such costs.

Declutter and Optimise Office Space – Good quality office space is often very expensive, so if you are paying for office space but aren’t making the most of it, then decluttering and moving your paper documents offsite may be the solution you are looking for. By decluttering and removing anything that isn’t needed, you could save money by moving into a smaller office space that is the right size and price for you. Alternatively, you could look to optimise the space, decluttering to bring in an extra employee to help develop your business, and begin generating more money.

Save Time and Money Managing your Documents – Although you may think that managing your documents in house may be more cost effective, for many businesses this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Firstly, locating one individual document out of potentially thousands can be extremely time consuming, taking members of staff away from their own duties for far too long. Not only are they taken away from what they should be doing, but it also means that you are essentially paying them to look for documents, and that is not an effective use of money.

To counteract this, many businesses choose to employ a member of staff with one of their main responsibilities being the management of documents, and once again, this can be a very expensive waste of money. To cope with such situations, you can contact document management companies like Integrated Office Technology (, which are likely to have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you do the job at a very high standard, at a fraction of the cost.
Backing Up Data – All businesses within every industry should backup the data and documents within their business, and very often the backup copies of these documents are often paper based. Digital backups are reliable and preferred by many businesses, but if you already have paper backups of your data, avoid creating digital copies and save money by storing your backup documents at offsite document storage facilities. If you were to store your paper backups onsite, there is the possibility that they will be lost or damaged in much the same way as the originals are.

Minimise Data Loss Risks – A big risk to businesses housing their own documents is the potential that they may lose data that is essential to their business. If a business loses data that they need for their business to operate, it can be very damaging, potentially meaning that the business loses custom and therefore money. Offsite document management companies fight against the risk of losing data, using the very best facilities and equipment to store client documents, keeping documents in perfect condition at all times.