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    Submit Your Guest Post – Finance Blog

    Hello Financial Advice gurus! Don’t be shy, show us what you’ve got! Do you have some hot informative tips? A helpful guide? We’re accepting quality guest post submissions from bloggers, agencies and people just like you!

    So where do we start?

    To start with, have a poke around the site… What do you think of the content? Do you like reading it? What it provides for you it will provide for others too. If it’s good for you then it’s good for others like you, and we recommend writing for yourself first. We have an audience of 9,000 unique visitors every month, there are others just like you who you can reach. Can you match the tone of the website? Can you match the style, the content length and the level of detail?

    If you’re sure you can answer yes to these questions then you’re halfway there. The main obstacle to overcome is that in order to place an article on financialadvicenow.co.uk you need to be writing better content than we can.

    The barometer of getting your articles published here is whether or not you can exceed the quality that we have on the site at the moment. The standard we’ve set for guest post submissions is that you need to be better than our in house writers.

    Currently, these are the areas that we are interested in receiving proposals on:

    • Financial Advice
    • Financial Advisors (pay/terms/etc)
    • Banking Industry news
    • Recruitment of IFA’s
    • Future of IFA’s
    • General Business News
    • Startups
    • Business loans
    • Business expansion
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Investments

    Below is a sample of a few guest posts that we’ve put up in the past.

    Three Steps to Communicate Better in your Business
    Four Ways to save money on a weekly basis
    Four ways building a home can save you money

    Can you match this quality?

    What do you get in return?

    Your post will be published within 24 hours of it being accepted and you’ll get two links back to your site in the content (these links will be dofollow if you want them). You’ll get exposure of your product/brand to a wider audience with over 9,000 unique visitors per month. What more could you ask for?

    The Fine Print

    Our website is filled entirely with new and original content – so if you are submitting anything that is duplicate, or has been used elsewhere before in whole or in part it will be rejected. So only original content, please!

    Articles should be around 500-1000 words long.  The target audience is for the site (generally speaking) the Generation Y age group. So make sure that your content is aimed at this group. We have about 40% male readership, but we try to maintain a gender-neutral approach to writing.

    We’ve had a lot of submissions recently so check the site to be sure that you’re subject hasn’t already been covered.

    We like Practical articles like ‘How To’ or ‘5 tips to…’, these are always are welcome. But I also value a lot of high quality researched articles that provide a different view on established areas.

    Try to write in a more formal manner, and accessible to the target audience. Clever humour is encouraged. Provide examples to illustrate your points.

    Finally sharing personal experience is encouraged.

    Pitch to us by filling in the form above