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How Remote Business Operators Maintain Professionalism

While the advantages of starting and running a business remotely are abundant and perhaps unmistakably clear by now, one thing even the most successful of online business operators and remote workers will concede to is the fact that they appear to miss out on a lot more business than they could have probably benefitted from, had they operated from a more permanent base. Sure, more and more B2B clients and consumer-level customers are having access to online resources (such as the ones available at Fusion Connect and similar others) and are becoming wise to the fact that it’s ultimately about the quality of the actual product or service above everything else. However, it appears as if that looming air of scepticism will be around for a little while longer.

So, in a world where it’s becoming clearer and clearer that working remotely and running businesses remotely seems to be the future that is currently being ushered-in, how do some of the most successful of these remote workers and business operators maintain that professionalism which was previously only contained in an association with an immovable office premises?

Prominently showcasing a prestigious previous-clients list

In this specific case it’s a remotely run web development business that comes into focus, which specialises in back-end web applications that interface with staff workstations, to essentially make for a virtual office network, across different premises over which the client’s business might be running. So if for instance you have multiple locations throughout the country, the solutions offered streamline links and communications across all branches, campuses, and offices to make it appear as if everything is in one location.

This is a solution which many big companies would readily pay for, except when they find out that it’s a service provided by a remotely run service provider, they cannot help but imagine some hooded hacker who is essentially running a one-man show from some dark room somewhere.

The solution? Starting out with small, up-and-coming businesses and offering the service as part of a packaged deal with other solutions such as the business website and then as soon as that business actually takes off, its association as a previous or current client is showcased to prospective clients.

Naturally this approach works best with those services that require very little initial capital outlay to produce, which pretty much encompasses the entire industry of remotely run businesses.

Maintaining familiar professionalism cues

However, there are some instances in which a product or service you provide via your remote operation, or perhaps as a remote consultant, can never be given away for free or at a lower price in the name of building up a portfolio. Additionally, the transaction required to sell that product or service offering could be so big that it causes too much uncertainty in the mind of a prospective client for them to want to trust the remote structure over which the deal would be facilitated.

In this instance then, familiar professionalism cues do well to quell any such legitimacy concerns. Something as seemingly unassuming as a virtual landline number can make all the difference in the world, because although the prospect’s call will indeed be diverted to your mobile device wherever you may be, to that prospect they are calling a number tied to a more fixed location, which they associate a higher level of security with.