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Ways to Romance Your Love Without A Lot of Money

Romance is exciting and there should never be a point in a relationship where it doesn’t exist. Even when a couple has been together for years, they should still be searching for ways to keep the romance alive, such as using pheromones perfume to enhance the attraction to each other. Romance is an attitude and a lifestyle that must be cultivated. Sure, there are things that facilitate romance in a life and make it easier to feel, express, or plan something on a whim, but if you feel like you’re lacking romance in your life, the reason might just be because you’re not making it happen. If you wait for your partner to romance you, that’s not the way to go about it. Romance is not a one way street.


This means that if you’re feeling like your relationship is a little dry and the wooing of hearts has leveled out as the relationship has gone on, you just might have to step it up on your side of the relationship. You might be feeling like it’s impossible for you or your significant other to be very romantic because you don’t have a lot of money, but romance and money are not words that are synonymous with one another. Here are ways to romance your love without a lot of money:

Focus on Them

Love has many different languages. This can be true in the physical sense of the word, as you might be be dating somebody from another culture where the way you two express your love is in different languages, literally, or it can mean that the way that you receive love and they way they receive love is through different actions. If you focus on them in the relationship and you learn how they receive love, that’s the ultimate way to romance somebody’s heart.

Know Their Love Languages

There are 5 love languages. Physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, and quality time. Knowing how you give and receive love and knowing how your partner gives and receives love is the secret to romance, and that doesn’t take any money.

When you’re with somebody and you express love through gifts, that’s great, but if you learn that your partner receives loves through acts of service and you’re giving gifts, there is a going to be disconnect with the giving and receiving of that romantic gesture.

They might not react to your love in the way you want, so instead of getting mad that they aren’t receiving your love, it might mean that instead of buying your lady flowers or getting your man a watch, maybe you do the dishes for them, or you clean out their car.

In any case, romance isn’t about money. It’s about knowing your partner’s heart and knowing them, and knowing how they’re going to receive your love towards them. Sometimes this means you have to spend money, but even if they’re a gift person, a homemade gift has the same effect without the cash flow.