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Out with the Old and in with the New!

Are you restless? Itching to get away? Do you feel it’s time to do some travelling after all the challenges in school or office? Well, why not? Taking a break from school or work while you’re young and healthy is very beneficial.  But it can also be financially challenging. You have to think of simple ways to earn some cash. Just remember, nothing is impossible. If I can do it, you can too.

The first thing you have to do is answer the question “When”? Give yourself enough time to save some money. Once you know the date, start planning how to get the money. Make a list of things you can do. Let me share some personal tips on how to get some cash for that dream travel.

  1. In the next few months avoid buying unnecessary stuff. Before purchasing anything, ask yourself “Do I really need it?” The answer most of the time is “Not really”. Follow that inner voice and simply leave the item alone; deposit in your account the money you plan to use to buy the item. Once you make the deposit, forget about it.
  1. Look for a part-time job. To make sure you have money when you travel, get a part-time job for a few weeks or months. Be a part-time waitress, a temp secretary or even a dog walker. When you get paid, deposit at least seventy-five percent of the earnings.


  1. Sell things. Do you have things at home worth selling? You can sell old appliances, books or even old mobile phones. You can search the internet and find companies buying used mobile phones. They give competitive price offer too. If I can sell my phone for cash, I am sure you can sell your old mobile phone or your extra phone to make your dream of travelling come true. The selling process is so easy. Start searching for the best company and get the best offer.
  1. Scout for useful discounts. One sure way to save some money is to avail of discounts or special offers. Some airlines give fare discounts during a certain season. Why not travel during that time? To have more customers, hotels and resorts also give special offers. Avail them if possible. If you’re on a budget going first class in flights and hotels is not a good idea. Prioritize safe travel and accommodations.


Travel while you are young and healthy. Make your dreams come true. Follow the four simple ‘travelling’ guidelines given. You don’t need to ask your parents some travelling money if you know what to do. I believe we are all here to enjoy what life has to offer. When you start feeling “boxed in” in school or office then it is time to start planning for your next dream travel.

“Work. Save. Travel. Enjoy” should not just be a t-shirt design, but a life reminder for all. Don’t be the person who utters ‘If only’. Be the person who says, “Where next!?”