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Rubbish Removal by Clearabee during Moving Day

Moving day is often chaotic for most people. The process of packing, removing rubbish afterwards and unpacking on arrival at the new home is definitely hectic. Rubbish removal is important because the landlord or rather the next occupant expects to find a clean home. It is during moving that people realize how much clutter they have been holding onto and a need to dispose it off makes everything stressful. After packing all the useful items, people tend to pile up rubbish in closets, room corners and the garage. However, there is hope for you during moving day because there are companies that have special services meant to help you remove rubbish such as Clearabee.

Clearabee Services

Clearabee comes in to help relieve you of the stress involved during the moving day, especially with rubbish removal. Well, we are London’s best company when it comes to de-cluttering. It gets more interesting because we are available despite the hours you decide to call us. We offer a same day rubbish removal. Clearabee does not charge for congestion eminent when driving into zone 1. Our rubbish clearance is eco-friendly and affordable at the same time. Who doesn’t want such services? I guess no one. You may be wondering why our services are the best, well; it is because our prices are flexible and accommodating to all our customers. More so, our customer care is responsive to queries all day both on email and calls.

Tips to Use on Moving Day

This day is filled with mixed emotions. There is nostalgia because you are leaving behind some beautiful memories and there is the joy of moving to a new home and you are eager to explore the new neighbourhood. When moving, one may incorporate the services of movers or gather up friends and relatives to help with the process. Yes, moving is stressful and you will definitely require help.

  • Firstly, be there during the packing and loading of stuff. Your presence ensures that nothing is lost or that useful items are put together with the rubbish.
  • You don’t want injuries during the moving process. So, ensure children and pets are out of the way and safe.
  • Make it easy on the movers be it friends or a hired company. You can offer some snacks and drinks.

Rubbish Removal

After all is done, then the reality hits. Yes. So much rubbish has been left behind and you don’t know what to do with it. Disposal of rubbish requires care because some stuff when disposed of can be harmful to the environment and no one wants that. You need to seek the services of a company that clears rubbish and disposes it off in an eco-friendly manner. Charges should also be considered because different companies charge differently. Of course, it is also at the time when you have spent a fortune on your new home and also paid the truck to transport your stuff. So, you have a few pounds left on you. Clearabee comes in to sort out your rubbish at a flexible fee. We collect rubbish even during the late evening.


Moving day exposes all the clutter in our houses and the rubbish cannot be left behind. One needs to dispose them off in an eco-friendly way. Clearabee offers rubbish removal services at affordable rates and we relieve you of the stress involved during moving.