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When Is It Right to Switch Your Business Electricity Supplier?

It can be difficult to admit that you’ve made a mistake with your choice of business electricity provider. After all, you’ve probably already committed yourself to this provider and gone for a long-term contract. Even if the deal isn’t a multi-year term, it can be embarrassing to admit that you made a mistake in choosing a provider for your business. However, continuing even when you see so many warning signs will only lead to higher and higher bills down the line. It’s a downward spiral and one that can prove to be more than just a little costly.

It would be best to do your research before deciding on an energy supplier to avoid this unpleasant situation in the first place. Utility Bidder is perfect for helping you gauge your options, allowing you to compare prices and see just what type of energy provider is the best one for you. That said, when is it right to switch your business electricity supplier? Here are a few red flags that can help you indicate an excellent time to make the switch.

Any kind of change without giving you prior notice

Change without explanation can be worrying – even if the change isn’t necessarily adverse to you or your business. It can be a change of discount price, or perhaps a change in terms. The important part here is that you were unaware beforehand. Even if you call them and they tell you that they sent a notice, if you don’t find anything in your mail it could be indicative that the supplier is using underhanded tactics.

While it does not condemn the supplier immediately – experiencing any change where you weren’t warned is a cause for concern. Give your provider a call and enquire about the change, as well as any other future changes they might have planned. Keep your options open as well and keep an eye out for any change that could result in higher bills.

Is your current provider trying to convince you to switch to a new deal?

Once again, doing this does not necessarily mean that they are trying to scam you; they could very well be trying to upgrade your current situation with a better overall price. However, unless you’re able to truly compare your current deal with what they’re trying to sell you, it would be too risky to make any sudden decisions.

If ever your provider is trying a little too hard to get you to renew your contract with brand new terms, make sure to ask for the details of this new deal in writing first. You’ll then be able to make comparisons and see their true intentions.

It’s always good to keep your options open when it comes to electricity providers because you never know when your supplier could end up overcharging you. If you experience any of the situations above, consider getting quotes from other suppliers to see if they can offer you a better price.