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Ways to Make Money Off the Clothes You Never Wear

There is so much market stimulation in the world that an average person is inundated by about 5,000 advertisements a day. If you’re averaging that out that means that you are seeing about 208 every hour, but that isn’t technically correct because you’re sleeping for at least 6 of those hours being exposed to nothing. So, in reality, you’re exposed to approximately 277.8 advertisements a day that are conditioning you to buy product.


Some of these ads are outright, in your face. Others are subliminal. In fact, many are subliminal. In any case, you’re raised from birth absolutely surrounded by a consumer world. The opportunity to spend money is everywhere. The opportunity to make it, on the other hand, is a bit trickier.

If you’re like everyone else in the world and you fall prey to impulse buying and buying clothes that you may never take the tags off of, here are ways to make a little cash back on the clothes that you never end up wearing or that are so last season in your mind:

Keep Your Receipts

Impulse buying clothes isn’t all bad. If you keep your receipts, you have at least a month to see if you really like that article of clothing that you bought. Some places aren’t even strict on their return policies. As long as you’ve got the product, the tag, and the receipt, you can return the garment at any time.

This will be an instant money saver for you. If the article you bought 29 days ago is still hanging in the closet with a tag and you don’t know how well you like it, dig out that receipt and take it back. It’s simple, and you don’t have to feel so bad for wasting money on clothes because there was hardly anything lost.

Sell to Second Hand Shops

Many people in the world refuse to pay inflated prices for clothes that they know are just as good when found at second hand stores. Clothes at secondhand stores might even be cleaner than the stuff at department stores.

If you think about it, hundreds of people might try on the pair of jeans you just bought and they’re never washed in store…second hand, at least they’ve been washed…and they’re cheaper to buy, so there’s that. Second hand stores will buy your clothes to then resell. It’s better to get a few bucks for something, than get nothing back at all.

If you do either of these things, it means you can make room in your closet for the new stuff. Tastes and preferences change, so you don’t have to feel guilty for doing some online retail therapy or taking a stroll through the mall and dropping some cash. As long as you know how to make money back on your clothes, you’re okay.