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Top Tips from Successful CEOs

Sustaining success in the business world isn’t easy, but by paying attention to the advice of those in the know, you stand a better chance of achieving your goals. To help bolster your prospects as a boss, take a look at the following top tips from three successful CEOs, who gave their opinions to Forbes.

Create the ideal working environment

Companies like SERP tend to offer a wide range of office furniture and accessories (think scanners, laminators, staplers, chairs and the like) for businesses to choose from. Due to the extensive product selection offered by both online and offline stores that sell these products, business owners would never run out of choices to make the best choice for their venture. Just perusing the desks, chairs, storage solutions and other products offered by specialist suppliers such as Furniture At Work™, firms can access all the items they need. There is plenty of advice on hand to help bosses arrange these products too. One man knows his stuff when it comes to working environments is former Steelcase CEO Jim Hackett.

office desk

According to the expert, historically, workspace design tends to mirror companies’ organisational charts, with people vying to position themselves as close as possible to the boss. Now, there is much greater flexibility in office layouts.

He suggested that offices now have to “celebrate the shift of what we call the ‘I’ space to the ‘we’ space”. Mr Hackett added: “People need a range of settings to accommodate focussed, collaborative and social work in both open and enclosed environments.”

Many firms are switching onto the benefits of this more flexible approach, providing their personnel with different zones within their offices. For example, a rising number of workspaces now include break-out areas where staff members can hold informal meetings and discussions.

Encourage team work


On a related point, the CEO and director of Sturm Ruger & Co Inc Michael Fifer appear to be emphasizing the importance of aligning teams and encouraging teamwork. He noted that his firm has a collaborative approach to developing strategy.

About this, he remarked: “We use a team effort to set all of our major goals and priorities. Everyone is expected to speak up, make recommendations and then explain and defend them. The best ideas get adopted and worked into our plans going forward.”

Lead by example

Another pearl of business wisdom was provided by Brad Cleveland, boss of Proto Labs. He suggested that it is important to lead by example, stating: “The job of the CEO is to be an example of honesty, thoughtfulness and trust, which everyone appreciates in their roles.”

By following simple yet effective tips like these, you can boost your chances of success in the business world.