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Top Time Management Tips For Small Business Managers

Time management is an ongoing issue for most small business managers.  It’s an art to grab everything that needs to be done, and spin it into a fine weave of awesomeness.  Yet, it’s not an unattainable goal.  There are some aspects of time management that will help you in a big way if you can master a few small concepts.  You should always remember that you are not only managing a business, but you are managing people.  People are not so easily managed as time.  Here are a few tips that will help you to achieve a more efficient concept of time management.  

Don’t check your email constantly

email checking

It sounds kind of scary to most, but ignoring your email sometimes can actually help you.  Try to add up in your head just how many minutes you spend on your phone each time you check and respond to your emails.  That is time not spent wisely.  Communication with clientele, colleagues, and employees is of the utmost importance, but you should still manage that time with care.  Set aside two specific times during the day that are strictly purposed for reading and responding to your emails.  This will help you to spend more quality time conversing with your people.  

Prioritize all of your tasks with forethought

You have to find a suitable way to prioritize all of your tasks by urgency.  You should then make sure your staff is fully versed in your new plan.  Set a schedule to manage the most important and urgent tasks first.  This way, if you get behind and the worst case scenario occurs, you will only have a little to lose.  Don’t just haphazardly throw a plan together each day.  This will cause inconsistency in production and discourse in your crew.  

Delegate responsibilities based on ability

It’s bad business to toss out responsibilities to people, and not make sure they are equipped to perform the tasks they have been asked to complete.  You have to delegate responsibility accordingly.  If no one is properly trained to handle the task, then you need to facilitate a way for your staff to gain that information and training.  It’s your responsibility to make sure everyone in your care is properly prepared for their job.  

Don’t be afraid of free time
If there is white space on your schedule, don’t freak out!  Free time is not as evil as you may think.  We need time during the day to take a deep breath and gather ourselves.  Don’t deny yourself time to breathe.  If your mind and body remains healthy, then you will be better equipped to handle the responsibilities of your position as a manager.