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Tips to save on Motor Trade Insurance.

Over the years, we have always looked for ways to get a bargain or to simply not get ripped off when it comes to many aspects of life, however motor trade insurance sticks out amongst them all and we are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of the policies we find.

Due to the economic challenges that we are faced with today, we are eager to find ways of cutting down the costs of our bills; start by making them changes with your motor trade insurer. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to finding a cheaper, realistic price.

  • Do Your Research –
    Do not fall into the temptation of allowing your insurance to renew because it is easier for you, do a little shopping around. You will be surprised to find that you will be able to save money and more than likely you will find a better deal. Although we are wanting to save money and find a good deal, do not forget to read the fine print and ask for more details as you may fall into the trap of hidden excess fees and the cost rises and rises, leaving you disappointed and out of pocket. Take an hour to research, use websites to find quotes and contact insurers direct to find a quote that is ideal for your circumstance.
  • Consider Your Usage –
    When choosing your insurance cover you will be asked what you are using the car for, is it business, commuting, or social use? Make sure you only choose the full reasons you are using the car, for example, if you choose business uses along with the rest your cost will increase and you will be charged a premium rate. This all comes down to the mileage that you accrue annually; less mileage results in discounts. Consider these factors when filling out your insurance policies as they can benefit you now and for the long haul. Also, make sure to compare the deals offered by different agencies like i4mt and choose the best one suited to your requirement.
  • Pay Upfront –
    Paying for your insurance upfront will save you a lot of money in the long run, most insurers charge 10% or more when you decide to pay in monthly installments, this is usually stated by the insurer but make sure you double check their policy. If you are able to, pay the cost upfront to avoid any extra costs, it works out cheaper and more manageable for you.
  • Increase Your Excess –
    The higher your excess, the lower your premium – keep this in mind when using price comparison sites as an increased excess could make a huge difference to your annual fee. If you are prepared to increase your fee slightly, you could be looking at a reduced deal.

No matter what motor insurance you are looking for, there is something on the market to suit everyone’s individual circumstances, do your research and find quotes. Websites such as can give you a free quote when you get in contact with them today!