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Thinking About Managing Your Own Investments? Think Again!

Investments … hearing or seeing this word can sometimes be intimidating.  Imagine someone mentions his earnings from an investment and it got you thinking – “Maybe I should buy some shares too. Who knows I might hit the jackpot!” Well, good for you! But do you know exactly how to manage investments?


Making a serious decision, like purchasing some shares with your hard-earned money, need some tinkering first. Do you know precisely what to buy and how to go about it? If this question gave you a slight headache, it may simply mean you are not ready to invest on your own.  But that does not mean you leave everything to someone else. Real businessmen would do thorough research about the investment they are planning to venture on. So, it is best to research the basic.


Aside from knowing the facts, researching can help you become more rational instead of emotional when it comes to decision making.  Try to learn about market changes, market prices, cash flows and other terms the investment world is using.  Projecting that you are a neophyte in this kind of business can make you look vulnerable to unprincipled promoters aiming to push supposedly great offers, but are just simply high-priced to say the least.

Hire a Professional!

When you have done your own research and somehow understand the ‘game’, you can expound your knowledge by hiring a professional in the business. It is best to hire people with experience in the business to make sure your investment is safe.

Moreover, a lot of companies are cautious. Investors, old or new, must keep this in mind.         To have a glimpse of the future, companies need to make some estimation and assumptions.  These assumptions and estimations can affect the net income and earnings of the company. Things like equipment depreciation rate, percentage of unpaid customer bills, and pension assets are taken in consideration.

Remember, some investment promoters will try anything to make you invest. Some would even hype the numbers to make it more attractive. Don’t be deceived. Do your homework. Learn everything you need to know before investing a capital. If things get too confusing, hire a professional.


Good News!

So, you decided to hire an expert. Congratulations! Now you can relax a bit. When it comes to money matters, hiring a professional is really the best thing to do.

If they are good with their job, they know your first query is – “What are my wealth management options? And, if they are the best in the business, their answer should be “A lot”.

Let’s take for example at Citibank. They offer Structured Products, Investment Funds, Forex Solutions, Bonds, Equities and lot more. Some of these products are offered onshore or offshore. Furthermore, if you are a frequent traveller Citibank also offer Travel Products to make your life less stressful.

Some things they guarantee are high returns; convenience; security; and personal service. Once you join Citi, a personal Relationship Manager will gladly help you out.  For a secured future, get wealth management advice only from the experts! If you have questions, big or small, just call or email your personal Relationship Manager and he or she will help you out.

Don’t gamble the future of your family. If you cannot manage your own investments, then look for someone who can.  It just might be the best decision you will ever make.