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The Success Story of Warner Bros

Warner Bros is not an unfamiliar name to movie lovers. Based in US, this company provides unlimited entertainment with each of their releases. The firm is widely known for its production of music, tv series and films. Being a division of the Time Warner Company, Warner Bros owns half the shares of the reputed TV Network, The CW.

Warner Bros have produced many movies and tv series which have taken the world by storm. For instance, the famous Harry Potter movie series was distributed by Warner Bros and was well received by viewers around the world. Wonder Woman which has been recently released, is also distributed by Warner Bros. Having grossed over $780 million around the world, this movie’s sequel is planned to be out in 2019. In the meantime, you can enjoy the powers and charm of Diana Prince at Lucky Pants Bingo. The best online bingo site proposes Wonder Woman Gold slots which is themed on the movie. The great graphics of the game will make you remember that of the movie, and the princess of Amazon can bestow some winnings through one of these awesome features:  Free Spins, Bonus Round, Stacked Wilds, Jackpots and Expanding Wilds.

This branch of Time Warner Group has produced more than 75,000 hours of television programs, and over 7000 movies. In their US based firm, they operate with over 10,000 of employees and their turnover since 2014, has always been over $4 billion. They have set a mark which no other studio has been able to cross till now. In 2014, the firm claimed 17% of the market when it comes to production and this percentage only keeps increasing. Each year, they release around 18 to 25 movies. They also reserve the worldwide rights when it comes to the distribution of their films or series. Having offices in over 30 countries, their movies are released in more than 120 countries each year. They also own DC Entertainment, New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment.

The Warner brothers Albert, Sam, Harry and Jack started their company in 1903. However, it is only in 1923 that they incorporated their production line to that if Warner Bros Pictures. Despite facing many struggles, they managed to fight the odds. After having produced a sound movie in 1926, successes were all theirs and the 1930s were the golden days where their gangsters movies were most appreciated. Most of their most amazing movies are mostly adaption of literary works; they are always able to make movies which are detailed just like the books.

Until now, Warner Bros is the only studio to have produced two billion dollars movies. Also, ten of their films have won dozens of Academy Awards. Warner Bros attributes its success to its huge team which works hard to make things happen. Warner Bros indeed sells dreams to watchers, and is until now one of Hollywood’s greatest success story. More than 90 years later, they are still overcoming challenges and create wonder in the movie industry.