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Stagecoach Engineering Management Programme – A Lesson in Investing for Efficiency

While the first and foremost mandate of any business is indeed to make profits, those companies which enjoy a bigger market share than most are almost expected to assume a bit more responsibility than the rest, as is the case with Stagecoach. Naturally, these companies target areas of growth within their operational structures for their continued investments, but the responsibility they carry would have them investing both for profits and to contribute positively to the community and to the clients and customers they service.

Britain’s biggest bus operator, Stagecoach, comes through as a shining example of pumping investments into programmes that benefit all parties involved, with their new Engineering Management Programme put in place to further enhance their engineering standards. This will undeniably provide a much more reliable service for their customers, who already have a lot to be proud of in their patronage of the bus service.

Stagecoach is the UK’s only bus operator to effect a new Engineering Management Programme, which is to be undertaken by all new and existing bus engineering managers all across the UK.

The course will see even higher maintenance standards enforced, benefitting customers with even better, more reliable services, allowing the bus operator to keep running initiatives that save commuters a lot of money and offer great bus pass prices.

For the programme’s completion, engineering managers are required to complete two modules over two years, which gives them ample opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in their working environments. The institute of the Motor Industry officially recognises the training course and it has also been approved as a Quality Assured Programme.

Stagecoach UK Bus Engineering Director Sam Greer said: “The introduction of this training course further demonstrates our commitment to improving services for our customers. Through this programme, we aim to further enhance our engineering standards in a way that is tailored to the specific requirements of our business. Vehicle maintenance and reliability are crucial to the successful delivery of our services to passengers and I believe this training will benefit both our staff and our customers.”