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Portafina Finds New Ways To Raise Funds for Diabetes

Kent based pensions firm, Portafina, have set up a series of fundraising events to raise money for, and awareness of, diabetes.

This chronic disease is said to affect over four million people in the UK, including those who are as yet undiagnosed, and it is a subject that is close to Portafina MD’s heart. Mr. Jamie Smith Thompson has a daughter who suffers from type one diabetes, so he knows just how hard it can be to live with the illness. That is why he is using his firm’s growing presence in the finance industry to raise awareness of diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by the body either not producing enough insulin, known as type one diabetes, or not being able to effectively use the insulin that it does have, known as type two diabetes. Insulin is vital for enabling glucose to enter into cells, where it is used as fuel. If there is not enough insulin present in the cells to do the job, or it is inhibited from entering, then over time the glucose levels rise in the blood and cause a number of serious health issues.

Type one diabetes is the rarer form and usually begins in childhood. It is thought that there are over 20,000 children under the age of fifteen that are living with the condition. Type two diabetes usually begins in adults, and can often be managed through eating a healthy diet and exercise.

Portafina are committed to raising more awareness about diabetes, and also funding for research into its treatments. They have partnered with JDRF, the leading charitable funder for diabetes treatment. JDRF are confident that new treatments can be found, and that one day there will be a cure. To bring that day closer, however, there needs to be more funding put into researching treatments.

To help the cause, Portafina has set up a number of fundraising events, and staff have just completed their cycling event, Ride to Cure Diabetes 2018. This event alone has raised over £1000. However, more is needed, and now they need your help.

The company are asking for anyone who has an interest in helping Portafina fundraise for diabetes to get in touch with them via social media, such as through Portafina’s Facebook page or other social media accounts. You can also support their efforts by on your own social media pages or by making a donation on their Just Giving page.

It is thought that one in every seventeen people are diagnosed with diabetes, so it is a condition that touches us all in some way. For people who live with the condition, daily life can be challenging in a number of ways, such as chronic symptoms like fatigue, headaches, hunger, and thirst, as well as urinary infections.

You can help Portafina and JDRF by spreading the word of their campaign to cure diabetes. When we work together on important issues, it gets results. Please don’t hesitate. Join the fight against diabetes, and be part of something life-changing.

For more information you can connect via their various social media accounts. Please follow @Portafina UK on Twitter, or head to the Portafina Linked In page or Portafina Youtube account.