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Parcel For the Soldiers, The Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

Your son, brother or husband was called to fulfill duty to the fatherland? Sometimes sending from home is the only way to take care of a loved one and support him in difficult moments. But what to put in it and how to send it to the army? Take advantage of our advice, and your loved ones will certainly receive a long-awaited parcel, even if they serve in the most remote corner of our country.

Remember, you do not send a personal parcel. Soldiers share things among themselves, so it is better to duplicate each item in the parcel as much as possible.

Means of personal hygiene –Shaving machines, toothpaste, after shave lotion, deodorant, handkerchiefs, as well as cotton socks are consumables and will never be superfluous. Do not send shaving foam and deodorants in cans, since it is likely that during transportation they will damage and spoil the contents of the parcel.

Materials for clothing care, which are always necessary: A simple cotton fabric for underwear, threads of black, white and khaki, strong needles with a big eye, black cream paint for shoes, GOI paste. Pack all the dye materials in plastic bags. The ParcelABC     service comes with the best results for the same now.

Pamper your soldier with your favorite food :

  • Chocolate sweets, caramels, candy candies are better mixed and sent loose.
  • There is chocolate substitute for chocolate bars with nuts, since they are of great value. Do not send chocolate in the hot season, otherwise it will melt.
  • Cookies, waffle cakes and other fragile sweets should be put in a tin box so that they do not crumble when they come in contact with other contents of the parcel.
  • Chips are sent in cylindrical boxes, otherwise only the baby will get to the addressee.
  • Condensed milk and cocoa are better to be sent in soft packaging, as tin cans increase the weight of the shipment and can be deformed during transportation.
  • Dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts, pre-wash and dry to make them ready for use.
  • Smoked sausage is best packaged in pre-greased foil, and then in paper. Do not cut the ends of the sausage and in no case put the sausage in a plastic bag, otherwise it will deteriorate during shipment.

Do not forward perishable products!

For example, cream cakes, dairy products, raw meat and fish, boiled sausage, vegetables, fruits and other products that need special temperature storage mode.

Take care of the health of your soldier and put in the package vitamins, disposable plasters, activated charcoal, Analgin or Citramon, cold remedies, drops from the cold and warm woolen socks. Don’t forget to do a parcel comparison also before sending now.

Money and electronic equipment, such as a mobile phone, is better to send in packages with  announced value . Take advantage of our tips for sending electronic equipment