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Necessary Investments of Small Business Owners: Smart and Cheap Solutions

From time to time small business owners need to invest money, in some practical solutions that are going to help their business on the long run. These investments can range from purchasing some of the latest business software packages to following new trends in human resources, marketing or customer service industries. In this article we’re going to review some of the latest business trends that need to be followed by all entrepreneurs that want to stay competitive in their business niche.

Aggressive Salesmen Tactics Will Soon Become History

Customers became fed up with the aggressive sale’s tactics. Future salesmen will need to have vast knowledge about the product or the service they’re selling. Tech companies realized this long time ago, and that’s why they usually employ young industry experts to work on salesman positions, before they move up on the company’s ladder. Bottom line is, salesmen will need to sell products solely by explaining its practical sides, and without aggressively promoting something he/she doesn’t know much about. That means companies will need to provide special courses for sales departments or to start employing young experts on these positions.


Occasional Team-Buildings Aren’t Enough Anymore

Real value of most companies lays in its skillful employees. With the rise of freelance market and entrepreneurship, more people decide to work for themselves and to quit some job positions that were considered to be very good just several years ago. These trends will make companies to care more for their employees. Most entrepreneurs and freelancers didn’t quit their jobs because they were unsatisfied with their salary, so simple pay rises are not going to fix the problem of high turnover. Most of them left because they were fed up with typical corporate working conditions. These employees sacrificed their whole lives for company’s well-being and without getting a proper reward for their effort. Depending on the employee’s interests, companies can: pay their vacation expenses, organize parties, camping trips, giving them few weeks long sabbaticals, anything that will make them happy enough not to think about leaving.

Working From Home Is Beneficial for Both Companies and Employees

One of the things companies should do to make their employees happier and their business more efficient is to let them work from their homes. This can be done by purchasing some of the software solutions that enables them to access their office computers from their home. This is a real win-win situation because, most of the employees think that their home is much better working environment, and this also cuts company costs and makes their employees available, at all times. So one of the necessary investments for the future company growth should be directed to upgrading remote access software.

Cheerful female florist Ttalking on the phone and writing down order in garden center.

Cheerful female florist Ttalking on the phone and writing down order in garden center.

Content Marketing Turns Customers Into Friends

Research done by CEB and Google that investigates the ties between sales and marketing states that most of the customers are more than a half-way through the purchase process at the moment when they decide to talk to the vendor for the first time. Most people spend hours for online research before deciding to buy the product. It is very important for companies to offer plenty of expert content on their online presentations that will present the company’s products in the most non-suggestive ways. This is effectively done by content marketing strategies that can turn a company web presentation into a relevant content-based website in the niche. This way companies build close relations with their customers, and make them more open to their suggestions and proposals.