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Make This a Special Christmas For the Less Fortunate

Thеrе оnсе wаѕ a tіmе whеn gіvіng tо сhаrіtу wаѕ a саѕе оf just sticking a fеw coppers іn a tin оutѕіdе a ѕuреrmаrkеt. Oh, tіmеѕ hаvе сhаngеd! Thеrе’ѕ nоw a plethora оf dіffеrеnt mеthоdѕ tо hеlр thоѕе thаt nееd іt the mоѕt, аnd аll оf thеm аrе tоtаllу unіԛuе! Wіth Chrіѕtmаѕ fаѕt аррrоасhіng I’vе dесіdеd іt would bе a tіmеlу mоmеnt tо ѕtор аnd think аnd explain a fеw dіffеrеnt іdеаѕ аnd types оf сhаrіtу donations thаt саn bе mаdе іn thе name оf gооd саuѕеѕ.


If уоu are thinking of mаkіng a dоnаtіоn to сhаrіtу, be ѕurе to сhесk оut thе list below bеfоrе you mаkе uр your mіnd. Thеrе’ѕ so many іntеrеѕtіng wауѕ tо gіvе tо сhаrіtу these dауѕ аnd Chrіѕtmаѕ іѕ a special moment in thе year tо think of оthеr реорlе and tо gіvе tо thоѕе that hаvе nоthіng оr аrе less fortunate thrоugh nо fault оf thеіr оwn.

I have suggested a gift and the equivalent gift for that amount of money is provided as well. These all come from Google’s gift ideas.

Gift: A bar of soap

Budget: £5

Why this gift? Sure it’s okay to just rinse your hands under water before a meal and after going to the toilet. But we more than likely use a bar of soap. It smells nice and makes you feel clean. This gift will help someone to wash and as a result reduce the risk of illness.

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The equivalent of:  Sweet Snuggles Mug and Sock Gift Set, Debenhams Penguin Pen, Juggling Balls – Multi

Gift: Feed a Family

Budget: £7

Why this gift? This gift will enable a family to buy some vouchers so that they can also sit down and have something to eat for Christmas dinner or lunch. You will be fortunate enough to sit down to a nice Christmas dinner of a roast and trifle with a few drinks, comforted in the knowledge that you helped somebody else.

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The equivalent of:  Pencil Case In Black, Essential Origami, Dad’s Army Tin

Gift: Feed an abandoned cat or dog

Budget: £8

Why this gift? It’s not a great life in an animal shelter for a cat or a dog. Ever hopeful that they will get a new owner, they can look so sad and lonely. And hungry. This gift will feed an animal for a month.

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The equivalent of:  Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser,  Cosy Sock Gift Box, 30-In-1 Games Selection

Gift: 30 school dinners

Budget: £9

Why this gift? We take a lot of things in life for granted, one of them being able to have some lunch at school. This small gift will allow at least 30 children in an African school enjoy the same privilege.

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The equivalent of: Rabbit Salt & Pepper Shakers, Festive Breakfast Gift Bag, Chilli Growing Kit

Gift: A Sheep

Budget: £10

Why this Gift? This gift was specifically created for Ethiopean women living in poverty. With this money they can buy a sheep and that enables them to sell wool at the local market and feed their families. Consider it an investment in their economy.

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The equivalent of: Christmas Chocolate Gift, Bath House Prosecco Handbag Treat, Gin and tonic bracelet

Gift: A Week’s Hot Dinners for a Pensioner

Budget: £12

Why this gift? Being old isn’t a lot of fun at Christmas time for some oldies. Maybe they don’t have anyone around them and they can get lonely. This gift will feed a pensioner with a hot meal for a week and provide a bit of companionship as well.

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The equivalent of: Baylis & Harding La Maison Candle Set, Personalised Bike Notebook, The Economist Digital Gift Subscription

Gift: Winter Coat

Budget: £14

Why this gift? Staying warm and healthy during winter is just that bit easier if a child has a warm coat to wear. This gift will be used to buy a nice coat for a child.

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The equivalent of: Great British Tea Gift Bag, Prosecco Lover Gift Throw Pillows, Personalised Giraffe Drinking Glass

Gift: An hour of respite

Budget: £15

Why this gift?  Parents who look after a disabled child 24/7 must be saints. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give them a much needed break, albeit a short one. This gift will pay for a specialised carer to look after a disabled child for an hour.

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The equivalent of: Personalised Box Of Men’s Gift Socks, Homer Simpson Novelty Head Slippers, Ideal Gift Idea, Sloe Bush

Gift: Give Girls A Head Start

Budget: £17

Why this gift? Girls shouldn’t miss out on an education for the sake of not having such a small amount of money. Oxfams Investing in the Future Project tries to help a girl get an education  and a better future. This gift will pay for that.

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The equivalent of:  Gifts Hugs and Kisses T-Shirt Boofle Dog, Outline Trivet, Jellycat Bashful Bluebell Bunny Medium

Gift: A Delivery Kit

Budget: £20

Why? Hospitals in Kenya, where there are 40,000 infant deaths annually, require specialised equipment to help mothers give birth. This gift will pay for a kit which contains some essential life saving equipment, including soap, towels, surgical gloves and forceps.

The equivalent of: Lancôme ‘grandiôse’ Christmas Gift Set, Cosy Hot Chocolate Gift, Glass Pineapple Jar

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This research was provided by Bindman & Co Solicitors.