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Investigating How Your Business Can Use Twitter Moments

Until recently, Twitter Moments has not been a tool used by many companies out there. It seems that Twitter have been introducing this form of communication in slow stages, not really letting the cat out of the bag too much when it comes to business usage. The businesses that tend to use this social media are ones that have a young target audience or are companies that want to seem modern and hip. For example, since the legalization of cannabis, many of the companies specializing in cannabis products have set up their own Twitter accounts as a way of marketing cannabis through social media. While they don’t tend to directly advertise their products, simply existing on this platform is enough to increase their brand recognition and boost sales. However, Twitter now appears to be more open to businesses using their social media site as a marketing platform, since so many people regularly visit this site. This is where getting in to this feature early on could be a real advantage to opening up customer communication channels.


What are we talking about here?

So what are Twitter Moments? The simple answer is that it is a tool for curating and presenting Tweets linked by a theme of your choosing. Currently these collections are mainly used by Twitter’s own news team, or organisations promoting live events, but there is really no limit to the usage.

As an alternative to traditional Twitter Ads, Moments are an interesting way to get the conversation started between your business and the customer. Intrigue and engage their interest without having to be overbearing. Digital marketing is moving away from the keyword stuffing, in-your-face ad plastering and moving towards involving an audience in a relationship. This trend is being echoed in many other aspects of digital marketing, content marketing to name just one.

Another advantage is that some of the work will be done by others – some of whom may be leaders in their field – and their poignant and elegantly crafted tweets can enhance your own image – and your audience’s respect for you – by association.

The nuts and bolts of Twitter Moments

Setting up a Moment is simple. Log on to your company account and click the profile picture on the left. This will take you to your timeline. Just above the feed, there is a “Moments” tab which, when you click, will show you all Moments you’ve created and allow you to make a new one. Choose from Tweets you’ve liked or written yourself, or search and paste other account’s messages. Remember, influencers in the field you’re discussing add weight to any conversation. After you’ve chosen a cover photo and configured your settings, don’t forget to share it! And if you change your mind, you can always unpublished or delete your moment.

Act soon

Hopefully, you’ve seen a new way of extending the conversation possibilities between you and your target audience with Twitter Moments. Opportunities to engage and stimulate customers into finding a closer understanding of your business can only serve to increase the validity and reach of your profile and, using our simple guide, you’re sure to find the perfect narrative.

Get involved before the market is flooded. Digital marketing trends fade all too soon, but early adopters can soar.