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How to Grow Your Money

Most, if not all, people yearn and dream of growing the money that they have now. Of course, when you think about, you would most definitely be one of those people because of how practical that it is at a time of great economic uncertainty being caused by Brexit. But when you look at it from afar, yes it would be practical, and yes it would be ideal, but it is not always the easiest thing to undertake. The best way to grow your money in value is by investing it, but investing it is not always an easy feat because of the numerous factors involved such as risk, time, yields, and so much more. In fact, because of these factors involved, you may even end up losing money at the end of your investment term. That it is why it is important to know and understand which channels could be the best way to invest money so that you would be able to grow your money and minimise all of the risks involved.

Unconventional Buy to Let Investment

A lot of people these days are putting their money and investing in properties such as houses and flats. Then they put it up for leasing so that other people could rent it out. Of course, it would not be just as simple as it seems, as there are a lot of actual preparations to be done, especially if you need to fully furnish the rooms before someone would be interested in renting it. Not only that, but there are also land taxes, utility expenses, repairs and maintenance expenses, and drafting contracts (after actually agreeing on terms with your lessee!) to figure out. It is a lot of work, but there is good money involved in it. That is why the company Buy2LetCars, decided to take the concept of buy to let investments and apply it with cars. It may sound like an unconventional way of doing things. Still, because of it being a necessity for most people in the United Kingdom as a way of transportation, it makes a good channel of investment for making your money grow in value.

Buy to Let on Wheels

When you invest in Buy2LetCars, what happens is that you would essentially be loaning them money through making an investment of a minimum of £7,000 up to a maximum of £280,000. The money you invest would then be used by the company to buy car units, which typically costs £14,000 per unit, that they would lease out through their partner company Wheels4Sure. The leasing company mostly targets people who would like to have vehicles but could not afford it because of bad credit ratings. These are people who mostly opt for car leasing because it is something that they could afford and they would not be buried in debt for a long time as it essentially has a shorter lock-in period compared to car loans.

Easy Earning Opportunities

Because of Buy2LetCars’ and Wheels4Sure’s current investment and lease out model, each investor has the opportunity to earn between 7-11% interest rate of return per annum, depending on the value of their investment. For example, if you have £14,000 in savings and you would like for it to grow in value in a span of three years, which is a good investment term as it is not too long nor too short for you to be able to get adequate yields, you can invest it in Buy2LetCars so that you have one car unit to your name that would be leased out. The lease duration for the car you invested in would also be three years, and in that span of time, with a 9% IRR per annum, you would be able to get a total gross gain of £3,079.72 on top of your initial investment without having to do anything. It is a completely hands-off investment as all the leasing out, car maintenance and repairs, and talking to clients would be done by Wheels4Sure. 

Financial Flexibility

With Buy2LetCars, you would gain financial flexibility because your earnings would be given to you on a monthly basis for 37 months. Given that you would invest £14,000 for three years, you would receive a monthly repayment of £250 in your bank account for a total of 36 months. This is just to give you back your initial investment. And on the 37th and final month, you would receive a lump sum including the final repayment for your capital, along with the interest your money has accumulated throughout your investment term – it is a whopping £8,080. The amount you receive monthly could also be placed in different investment channels so that your money keeps growing while it is technically still growing with Buy2LetCars. Who knew growing your money’s value could be this easy?