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How Technology Is Saving You, And Everyone Else, Money

Even communities are finding that technology is saving them money. Cities are moving more of their information online, making it easier for employees to keep track of billing. You no longer have to pick up a local newspaper to find out when the next city council meeting is, and you can even read the complete newspaper online in most cases.

While the increased use of technology does increase the risk of hackers getting people’s information, it also allows for money saved when you can have less and do more with it. Who needs the added bill of a home phone when you have a cell phone?

Here are a few ways technology is saving you money.


Less Bills

There are a ton of ways that technology helps lower the amount of bills you have and the amount of money you owe on your bills. Now that you have have internet, phone and cable all on one bill, bundles like this can save you a bit of money each month. Plus, if you have a cell phone you really have no need for a home phone, so there is one less bill.

If you want to cut back on the amount of your bills, start shopping for energy efficient appliances. These items not only cut back on your bills, but they also cut back on your carbon footprint and help you do better for the environment.

You can also look into investing in wind power and solar power to lower your energy costs. There are plenty of DIY instructions on the internet for creating your own alternative power sources, but the money you invest for getting it professionally done will come back to you in savings.

Free Advertising

Just like cities can freely advertise their meetings on their websites and social media, so to can you share pretty much anything for free or nearly free online. You no longer need to pay for an ad in the local newspaper when you can advertise for free on Craig’s List.


You also no longer need to pay to mail a letter to friends and family when you can send them a quick email or talk to them on social media. Of course, cutting back on your newspaper subscriptions may be shutting down your local paper and not mailing things causes postal layoffs and closings.

Saving Trees

Technology is also saving trees since more people are skipping print books and newspapers, using their smartphones for coupons instead of printing or clipping them, and kids and adults are spending more time using tablets instead of notebooks and pens.

This isn’t just good for the forests, you spend less money on paper products. Sure, technology costs more than a sheet of paper, but how often do you replace your technology devices compared to how often you had to buy a new pad of paper?