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A Guide to Bulk Shipping Large Business Delivery Orders Abroad

Sending large items overseas can seem quite stressful and not to mention be very expensive. There are lots of different ways that you can send your large and bulky items overseas, without having to worry. A great option would be to approach an established company with significant experience in the freighting industry – you may want to look at the services of Plexus Freight to take care of your shipping needs, for instance. Take a look at our guide to bulk shipping and sending large delivery orders abroad to help you work out the best possible option for you:


  • Find out the courier restrictions

Different couriers have different rules and regulations when it comes to sending large and bulky parcels overseas. Shopping around to find a courier which offers the right price and delivery speed for you can be tricky. InXpress have a really comprehensive international parcel delivery service which is worth checking out.

  • Research Regulations for Where Youre Shipping To

Different countries have their own rules and regulations for what can and can’t be shipped in. To ensure that your heavy or bulky item is handled properly when it arrives in your desired country, it’s important to check these out before sending your parcel overseas. Items that are prohibited in certain countries are allowed into others so it can get quite confusing, be sure to check the list of prohibited items before sending your parcels to make sure it doesn’t get rejected.

  • Package your Parcel Correctly

Making sure that a bulky item is protected is vital when sending your parcel overseas. If necessary, call your courier company in advance and ask for their advice on how to best package your parcel is a good idea. Heavy or large items can be hard to handle for the courier so may require some extra packaging like a pallet, always speak to your chosen courier in advance to organise this if you have concerns about how to best package your parcel securely.

  • Track your Parcel

Large and heavy items tend to be quite expensive so it can be a real problem if they go missing in transit. With online parcel tracking you’ll be able to check where your parcel is at all times to make sure that it makes it to its destination safely. If online parcel tracking is an extra cost, it’s often worth it for your own peace of mind to ensure your parcel makes it safely and securely.

Investing in the best possible courier service for the right price is essential when sending valuable heavy and bulky items abroad. With so many different options available when it comes to international deliveries, you’ll be able to ensure your parcel arrives in perfect condition in no time.