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Getting it Right with Your Digital Audience-Engagement

Things may have been different a mere 100 years ago or so, but these days it takes a lot for a brand to stick so tightly with the consumer market that it forms an everyday part of their lives. If it doesn’t happen by serendipity then it will only happen through the kind of persistence demonstrated through engaging the brand’s target audience which would primarily play out in the digital space. There’s no quicker way to reach your target audience and if you’re not utilising this channel with your target market, one or more competitors certainly are.

Engaging your audience over the digital space needs to be done a certain way though as you don’t want to come across as being too invasive or overly focussed on clearly trying to make a sale.

Find a sustainable engagement angle

As far as it goes with the media through which you engage your audience, there is no doubt about the fact that you need some kind of social media presence. However, those social media platforms you establish a presence on shouldn’t be the beginning and the end of the engagement channels. They should all lead to somewhat of a central channel which you have more control over, such as an opt-in list you blast an email newsletter to regularly or perhaps even a direct interaction interface on your website. You could even invest in your own customer engagement platform so you can interact with customers more directly.

Subscription and billing platform MPP Global has many solutions which not only streamline the management of digital customer engagements, but also make it very easy for an interested potential customer to become a buying customer.

That addresses the engagement channels, but what’s important is the establishment of an engagement style. What angle are you going to take when you engage your audience digitally? Are you going to connect with them through humour, satire or by just sharing useful information they can use, and perhaps even talk about and want to share? Whichever angle you choose, it has to be sustainable. In other words, what if your most talented satirist decided to quit their job? Would you still be able to engage the audience digitally in a manner they’ve become accustomed to and in a manner which has now become synonymous with your brand?

Provide value beyond your sales offering

Yes, the ultimate goal is for you to get some sales conversions, but you’ll run out of engaging ways to connect with your audience very quickly if all you ever do is make sales pitches. Provide them with some value that goes beyond what you have to sell, such as some actionable advice on a hot topic that’s trending.

This is how you build up trust among your audience – trust which can always be monetised later on when you do have some special sales offers to broadcast to them.