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Four Interesting Ways People Are Making Money These Days

Jobs are strange these days, and many people are making money in new and creative ways. It is a time when people are feeling underpaid and overworked, so they try to come up with ways to make more money on their own terms, rather than always punching a clock.


If you have been considering a new career it’s likely that you’ve done some research on the industries with the most growth. You’ve probably found that many of them are traditional careers, but some of them can also be twisted into new, more creative careers. Here are some interesting ways you can make some money, without going for the traditional career path.

Creative Jobs

Consider starting a creative career or job. There are many options in many different fields. You could become a writer, doing creative writing or even as a technical writer. Many firms nowadays seek technical writers, such as those seen in Horizon Peak Consulting, who can create engaging material for their websites. You could also publish your own books or write poetry.

Other creative jobs can include art, but you don’t have to paint to be an artist. You could get some training in graphic design and start designing anything from wallpaper to websites.

Driving Their Cars

More and more people are getting into the business of being a chauffeur, so to speak. With businesses like Uber, it’s easy to become a cab driver, of sorts. You just have to have a car of a certain age, good driving records, and be brave enough to pick up strangers and take them wherever it is they need to go.

Take the time to talk to other drivers, find out what companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) are available in your area, and find out if you qualify before you set your heart on being a driver for a living. If you live in a more metropolitan area and have plenty of time to be driving, you’ll be able to make more money with this gig.


Whether you have a spare home that you can rent out or just a spare room, being a landlord can be somewhat lucrative. You could also consider being part of an airbnb program, where you’d make money letting people stay in your home for short periods of time.

To make a good living at this you want to make sure to do background checks on possible renters and make sure you check references. If you’re spending most of your time in court evicting people you won’t really be making much of a profit.

Selling Stuff

Art isn’t the only thing you can sell from home. Well plenty of people make a good deal of money selling their crafts on sites like Etsy, you don’t have to be creative to sell things online,

If you have an eye for antiques or collectibles you can make a good deal of money collecting them and selling them online. You could also take up a career as a self-published author. There are plenty of options if you just use your imagination.