Ok so I’ll confess to you guys – please don’t hate on me!

I finished the eBook last year (October 13) – but when I proof read it, well it just wasn’t all there.  So I put it on the back burner for a little while – then a little while longer, then a little while longer.

Then when I sat back down to work on it again – it was all just a little bit too much – like when you read an old essay from college when you’re at University and it’s like a person from a different universe wrote it.  I was writing things like how I made money with this blog – and I was linking out to other people’s income reports that just weren’t attainable for most people.

So I canned it.

And I’ve started on something entirely new, and believe me something that’s a damn site better.  I’m working on a real book you guys!  Not just an ebook but a real book!

Now here’s the best/worst bit.  It’s a psychological experiment as well as a book – and I need people who click adverts and shiny banners on websites to take part.  You fit the bill, because you clicked on my button!

So won’t you give me your details below so I can give you some information?


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