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Earn Money Writing Online

If you have an affinity for the language, a gift for creating a vision through the written word, maybe you could be making money for your gift. Short of trying to write a novel or a book of any sort, do you set off into the world of magazine article writing? There is are easier ways to get your foot in the door and develop the habits of a successful writer. Developing habits to write daily, write through blanks, write through distraction, and write about anything will help you turn your gift into a gain. What are some ways to get into earning money by writing?


Develop a blog

Creating a blog is a fantastic way to get into online writing. Choose a subject you know something about, set a bullseye for what you want to convey. Set about the process of building your website: Choose your name, register the name, choose your platform, build your site, make sure it’s protected, then start filling pages. The key is just to write, write daily, and treat it like a job. As you go, include links, look for ways to include keywords that will draw interest. If you do well and you start to bring in interest, you can generate some income via advertising. If nothing else, your efforts will be a part of your resume for later.

Submit articles

Many blogs look for submissions from freelance writers. Look around on the internet for sites that fit within what you like to write about. Start researching sites that pay per article, study the work they post, submit your best effort, then wait it out. If you meet their criteria, they will accept your submission and pay you for your work. Another avenue for you to submit your work is through submissions to magazines or other online sources. Keep sending till you land some work.

Write for content articles

One area for new writers is writing content for websites that are short simple and to the point. These pieces are meant to be clean and basic articles about a wide variety of subjects. These articles will help you with your technical ability. Short content items need to be error free and high quality. These are not necessarily high-paying jobs, but they will give you a jump start on your writing.

Self-publish on Amazon

Amazon helps you to publish your book directly to Kindle devices and apps. Your book is converted to a digital Ebook for sale on the Kindle store. You write your book on Word, HTML, Mobi, or ePub, upload it to the Kindle site. Your file will be converted automatically, and you’re on your way to publishing and selling your Ebook. From then on, it’s up to you to promote, promote, promote. The more you market and promote your work, the more money you make.