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Don’t App Me!

One of the most prolific areas that you will find apps being made for these days is in the finance, money, money saving, banking and stock market businesses. I would think that they rank only third to games and shopping! Even many of us financial advisors have developed an application that is unique to our business. I have an application of my own after finding an iOS developer who was able to help me create and produce something that I’m able to use in my business and provide for my clients.

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Don’t ever think that it’s too hard to get an app developed for your company. Although I don’t usually advertise on this website if you go with this link here it will direct you to a company that I actually used to help me with my own app. If you have a personal application that is linked to all of your clients you can’t believe how grateful they are when you use it to zip them a bit of current stock market news or some small financial tip that they may or may not use, but certainly appreciate that you are thinking of them. It helps me provide a really personalised contact point for all my customers.

I also go that extra yard by investigating some useful apps that they might like to consider to download. For example, a really cute and simple one is called BudgetSimple. All it does is keep track of all your monthly expenses and tries to keep you within your budget. If you have set a budget, it also reminds you about monthly fees that will appear on your card if you haven’t made that payment.

Another one that I like to recommend is called Mint. While some of the functions of this app crossover into a service that I provide, it also tells the user where their money actually is, how much is in the account and if you like, you can use it to budget future expenses.

Devices are always being upgraded and I think it was only a year ago when my Apple iPad was at an iOS six level. Now we are looking at a level 9 so if you do take the opportunity to consider developing your own app then you need an iOS 9 developer. Even the most fundamental Luddite would know that you need the most up-to-date iOS if you are going to be producing an application that will be new to the market.

I’ve given you a couple of apps that have some similarities in their functions, and if you take a close look at many of the finance and money applications that are available for download, you will find that that’s the area where most of them are concentrated. Things like your budget, your bank accounts, where your money is going, monthly expenses, all useful but a little bit overlapping at times. Just remember, that there is no application out there that can replace a personal, financial advisor!