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Coworking In The Commonwealth – How To Find The Perfect Coworking Space For Your Business In The United Kingdom

The perfect office space is within reach, except this office has been designed with a few factors in mind. The space is fluid and very versatile in that it can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Not only does this office provide you with an infinite online landscape in which to grow, but your business has access to tools needed to function in the physical landscape, and then there is the added benefit of community.

Your coworking space can provide all of this for your business. The picture of an office that pretty much can function remotely while being fully supported by conventional office features is within reach, but all you need do is find the perfect space. In the UK, your coworking space can place you in prestigious locations in London, and at an affordable price. Take a look at the Servcorp coworking space in London at to view the plan’s affordability.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key areas you need to consider when searching for office space in the UK.

Look At Workspace Options 

The coworking space offers businesses the chance to choose from a variety of workspace options. In addition to the very popular hot desk workspace stations, many coworking spaces include dedicated desks and private offices. While the prices increase as your space becomes more private, there are perks to each desk option.

The hot desk allows you to experience social interaction, but when looking at choosing the hot desk, consider the seating arrangement in the office, as some spaces provide a lot of room between seats and some do not. If you find the space too crowded, a dedicated desk can give you reserved space away from everyone, and if your business requires discretion, private offices within the space can fit out your business. While most coworking spaces have the hot desk, some might only include dedicated desks and private offices.

Look At The Profile Of The Community  

Coworking spaces are general admissions spaces unless specified. This ultimately means that anybody can join the space if there is no interview requirement. In saying this, the space becomes defined through the members who join it.

Moreover, this personality changes depending on the community. Some coworking enclaves are frequented by independent-thinkers, artists, and other freelancers while some are frequented by corporate types. Finding a space that fits your business is important because this community will be the support for your venture.

Through this community, you will build relationships that will help you promote your business later on. Whether you end up collaborating or building teams, the personality of your coworking space can facilitate these encounters. For this reason, when looking for a space, consider the community profile.

Ask For A Test Drive 

The best way to figure out if your office space can work for you is to ask for a trial offer. Many coworking spaces do not have a problem with letting prospective members use the space to see if it fits. Spend the day working and interacting with space members to decide if it is the perfect fit. Alternatively, if the space does not allow for freebies, the leases are short enough so that if there is an issue you are not signed to a protracted contract.

Finding Your Perfect Coworking Space 

Your coworking space in the UK can be shaped to the needs of your business. However, getting close enough to the perfect office will involve fleshing out the needs of the venture and matching them to the most appropriate fit out. Ultimately, coworking spaces have personality, but it is a matter of finding one that matches yours.