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How To Control Your Money And Finances In Tough Times

Both businesses and individuals can suffer tough time when it comes to money and finances. Maybe it’s an off time of the year and your business isn’t bringing in even enough to pay the general bills. Maybe you have had a health crisis, such as cancer, and have missed a lot of work. These are reasons you may need to start putting what little money you do have to the side, and find ways to get money without losing your home or business.

Medical Bills

When it comes to personal crisis, nothing is more heartbreaking and painful, and expensive, that having a long-term, or terminal, illness. If your illness was caused by a company’s, or hospital’s, negligence, you may want to consider a lawsuit. Although this is time-consuming, it could be well worth it when it comes to getting some kind of compensation to help with medical bills and lost wages.

Even if you don’t have an illness that pertains to a lawsuit, you still want to do what you can to ease the burden of bills. Make sure to take advantage of your health insurance, and if you don’t have any you need to try to get help. When it comes to prescriptions, talk to your doctor about free samples, and about cheaper generic alternatives.

Have A Savings Account

Have a savings account set up, whether it’s one for you or one for your business. Put funds in it often, and leave them there until you need them for an emergency. It’s extremely useful to have a good savings squirreled away. In fact, it is recommended that you have anywhere from three to six months worth of income saved at any given time to help cover bills and whatnot, in case of job loss.

As a business, another thing you may have as a backup method to a savings account it a business credit card – and, as this article points out, there are many other advantages to having a business credit card too. Even individuals can have a credit card they keep on hand to use simply for emergencies.

Get A Loan

Loans can both save you from troubles and cause them. Whether it’s a business loan or a personal one, make sure that you can pay it back on time before applying. You don’t want to damage your credit and make it so that you can’t ever buy a house, a vehicle, or start a new business.

Make sure that you shop around for the right loan for you or your business. You want to find one that doesn’t have a high interest rate. If you get a loan with too high of an interest rate, and take too long to pay it off, it could cause even more issues with your money and finances.