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Compare funeral plans

Why might you want to compare funeral plans?

Because a comparison of the products available, their prices and the extent to which any one of them meets your specific needs and circumstances is an exercise you are likely to perform when making any significant purchase.

And a funeral plan is an especially significant purchase. It not only allows you to decide just what kind of send-off you are given when you eventually die, but by paying for it in advance, you also have the chance of buying at today’s prices, rather than those likely to be in force when your time comes. Why would you want to think about funeral planning just now? For the same reason why seniors or those over the age of retirement choose final expense insurance plans-to ensure that your family does not have a hard time once you’re gone. Some final expense insurance policies may cover burial and funeral expenses as well, which you can explore more about at this website address.

Insurers Sun Life have shown – in their annual Cost of Dying report for 2016 – that funeral costs are the fastest rising of services and have already shot up by 10 times the rate of inflation, with still further increases forecast in the future.

So, there is a very good case for buying one, but just how do you compare funeral plans that are available?

Picking your provider

  • as with many other goods and services, a reputable name or brand, instils confidence and reassurance when comparing one product offering with another;
  • providers who are members of the FPA are committed to ensuring that the money you pay for any funeral plan is there, in the amount you determined, when you need it;


  • a further mark of the status and standing of any provider might also be indicated by the star-rating granted by Defaqto;
  • Defaqto is an independent research and analysis company providing universally recognised standards within the financial services sector and a 5-star rating from the organisation indicates the highest possible of these;

Picking your plan

  • you need to compare the funeral plans offered by a range of different providers in order to pick the package that may be tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances;
  • this is where your comparison may need to be especially careful, since different providers, and the different plans each offers, may vary quite widely in the scope and level of benefits provided;
  • some plans, for example, might be limited to cover of the funeral director’s costs and expenses only, whilst others might also include the payment of burial or cremation fees, along with those of any minister officiating at the service;
  • when comparing prices, therefore, be aware that cheaper plans might leave you without the necessary cover for certain elements of your intended funeral arrangements – leaving your loved ones and family to foot the bill;

How you pay

  • whilst many providers may give you various options for making paying – a single cash payment, for example, monthly instalments over the course of a year, or even equal monthly payments spread over as many as 15 years – the payment option you choose may also have an impact on the price.

Comparing the many and varied funeral plans on the market carries at least as much importance as it does for any other significant purchase – you are almost certain to want to make the appropriate choice.