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Change for A Change: 4 Tips for Affording Rehab Services

With nearly 24 million people in America suffering from an addiction, it is easy to see how drugs and alcohol have permeated personal lives. It is rare to meet anyone who has not been affected by an addictive substance, whether personally or through a loved one. Treatment for these addicts is critical to helping them get better, but for some the high cost can be a deterrent.

What most addicts fail to take into account is the high cost their addiction is accruing. By cutting out an addiction, you can save thousands of dollars each year. Included here are a few tips for affording rehab services.


With recent mandates regarding health insurance, most people already have some kind of coverage, whether private or through the state. Regardless of what kind of insurance you have, you are likely to have some kind of coverage to help you through rehab. Before you decide on a treatment center, call your insurance company for details.

Your insurance company may offer you a comprehensive package where you can stay at a rehab center while you recover. Alternatively, you may be offered outpatient services that include counseling, fitness, diet and long-term recovery programs. Rehab centers and insurance companies will be able to determine your eligibility for service, so don’t hesitate to call!

Personal Loans

If you have managed to survive an addiction with your credit still intact, there are many ways for you to secure funding for rehab. One of the easiest routes can be simply procuring a personal loan to cover the costs. You can then pay this loan back over time as you get back on firmer financial footing and secure a stable job.

Family and Friends

While no one wants to borrow money from family and friends, it may be exactly what you need to get well. Addiction can cause a lot of broken relationships, but your loved ones may still want to do what they can to help you. They may decide they want to pay the rehab facility directly instead of giving money to you, but remember that their trust can be rebuilt over time.

If you can, try to keep track of which family and friends donated money to your cause. You may be able to repay them in years to come. Additionally, family members may consider holding a fundraising dinner or alternative event to help you discover emotional as well as financial support for your recovery.

Workplace Sponsorship

Surprisingly, some workplaces will actually help pay to get you through rehab. They may have a sponsorship program where the company itself pays for services. Alternatively, your co-workers themselves may help raise money to get you the help you need. In any case, it never hurts to reach out and seek aid.