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The Casino Industry – Where Being Average Pays

Prior to some people at the heart of the financial sector coming up with ways to get rich by levying small charges on services which they’ve effectively made mandatory through the influence they have with the governments of this world, one would look at the casino industry as one which affords people the opportunity to effectively print money. If you can manage to pummel your way through all the requisite red tape and capital-heavy requirements of obtaining a casino licence, you’d effectively hold in your possession a licence to print money.

You wouldn’t even have to do anything out of the ordinary as being average pays and pays big time in the casino world. It is indeed all about averages and that is how the house ensures it always wins.

How does it all work though?

To the average gambler, walking through the shiny doors of a casino having been lured in by what would likely be bright neon lights fills them with the hope of walking away considerably richer than the financial state they woke up in the morning, however slight that chance of winning may be. These are the gamblers from which the house makes its killing as they often manage to amass some small winnings and perhaps the occasional sizeable win, but ultimately the average gambler brings more money into the casino than they walk away with, even if the time frame considered is a bit more of a longer term one.

That is what the casino thrives on — statistically backed systems which rely on averages. It really pays to be average in this industry because the averages add up to the house raking in profits which they can quite consistently keep to within a certain bracket. That’s why one of the regulations keeping the casino industry in check (both physical and online casinos) is that of a certain percentage of the house takings having to be given back to customers in the form of winnings and other casino offers, so if you’re a little bit more than just the average player and you know your way around a bit of statistical principles, you can put yourself in line to walk away with a positively inclined overall balance from any casino. This is true whether you prefer to visit a physical casino or you prefer to do your gambling online.

Working the odds and averages in your favour

Since casinos are legally obligated to give back a certain portion of their takings through winnings and other special promo offers, competitions, etc, this means that with physical casinos they do so in a controlled manner. Yes, machines are programmed to give out winnings at certain intervals, but that doesn’t mean they’re rigged not to give out winnings at all. So when is the most logical time during which you would programme the machines to give out their winnings? Well when the casino is a little fuller of course, such as over weekends or over holidays.

The online equivalent to this would be sign up bonuses and other special offers in addition to straight winnings from actually playing the games.