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Can You Use Bitcoin to Trade Stocks?

Bitcoin, as a volatile cryptocurrency, has gained popularity over the past few years. The change in the price of the cryptocurrency is speculated by trading. Bitcoin trading usually involves buying it through an exchange and monitoring it to determine if the price has increased. Bitcoin can also be used to trade stocks. This article will talk more about how to fund your trading account with BTC.

Use Bitcoin to Trade Stocks from Your uBTC Account

The recently-launched uBTC account by easyMarkets allows traders to deposit, trade, and withdraw bitcoin in an efficient manner that is based on the Blockchain. Using Bitcoin to trade stocks from the uBTC account will help you to check the volatility of the cryptocurrency and get more opportunities when the price increases. The uBTC account from easyMarkets also gives you the opportunity to choose what amount of Bitcoin you want to trade and which instrument you wish to use.

Listed below are some features of the uBTC account that will help you to trade better.

  • The easyMarkets web platform and mobile app has the “no slippage” feature that is crucial in trading cryptocurrency.
  • Both the web platform and mobile app has “Free and Guaranteed” stop loss and a “Take Profit” feature.
  • The uBTC account from easyMarkets offers fixed spreads that are extremely tight. These spreads are on cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals and other options.
  • There is a “negative balance protection” feature.
  • Long-time traders can use the uBTC account on Metatrader4.

How to Trade in Bitcoin?

Trading in bitcoin will require you to have an account through which you can make deposits and withdrawals. Using the uBTC account from easyMarkets, you can trade in Bitcoin quite easily, without changing the cryptocurrency to Fiat currencies.

Follow the steps given below to trade in Bitcoin.

Step 1: Deposit Bitcoin

Decide on the amount of Bitcoin you wish to deposit for trading. If you are doing this for the first time, settle for a small amount. Transfer the amount to your BTC Wallet Address.

Step 2: Trade

Once you have signed up and funded your uBTC account,  you can start trading right away without changing your bitcoin to fiat currencies. There are more than 200 instruments available on the easyMarkets web and app platform and MT4.

Step 3: Withdraw Funds

There is no limit to the trade and you can withdraw the funds at any time. To withdraw your Bitcoin amount, transfer the funds to the BTC Wallet again.

Availability of easyMarkets uBTC Account

The easyMarkets uBTC account can be accessed from different parts of the world, including Australia and countries in Europe. The account for Bitcoin trading is regulated by ASIC in Australia and CySEC in Europe. 

Bitcoin Adoption

Nowadays Large companies like Amazon, JP Morgan, and Rakuten are all looking to use Bitcoin. The easyMarkets is on track in accepting Bitcoin for services and transactions. You can easily open your uBTC account and start trading any available instruments (CFDs – Contract for differences), which means you do not possess the asset.