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Broadband and Me

It took a rather bizarre turn of events for me to realise just how reliant I am on my internet connection for my livelihood, with the lights going out while my phone was on its last bit of charge and my laptop had just one hour of battery life left. Well, at least that’s what the rather inaccurate battery-life estimator indicated…

The lights rarely go out and so one never has to think about something like a back-up generator or anything of that sort and in fact word is that there had been a thunderbolt which struck down an electric cable between the local substation and my house, which happens to be housing my home office from which I’ve come to do all my work. So, when it comes to having a stable internet connection, there are no problems as such. I can just opt for one of the many satellite connections that can be found on websites like; the issue arises in case of an electricity issue in my home. It’s no electricity, no work for me.

That’s right, I’m a full time blogger and yes I do indeed make my full-time income from this very blog that I operate in addition to a few other related tasks on a consultation level. Having to go almost an entire day without the internet or electricity (but mostly the part about no internet) set me along the path to prepare myself better and make sure I’ll never have to stress about deadlines, missing Skype sessions with existing and prospective clients and anything else which keeps me away from the connected world.

I’ll admit, it scares me a bit that I seem to be totally dependent on being connected to the World Wide Web for my entire livelihood since I can honestly say that my life operates on a “no internet, no earnings” basis. So driven by the very appropriate #BroadbandAndMe trend, I decided to get that generator, albeit it’s an entry-level one which would power up my router and my laptop along with other small electronics, but more importantly I also got myself a more stable internet connection in the form of a broadband line.

The service provider of choice came in the form of TalkTalk business mobile, which I would gather you can already tell is more than just a straight-forward broadband connectivity service. I’ll tell you – sometimes it can really work out in one’s favour to take the time to listen to some of the additional offers service providers have because in addition to a stable internet connection which is as fast as internet connections can get, my little home office-run operation has since benefitted from the vastly increased air of professionalism that comes with something as simple as a business mobile line.

If you work from home and even if your work speaks for itself, prospective clients tend to shy away from using your services if they catch wind of the fact that you do indeed work from something like a home office, so something as simple as getting a business line that looks professional seems to do the trick in adding that extra bit of credibility I’ve long since been previously operating without, seemingly.

I know there are plenty of other highly-skilled professional who choose to work free from the confines of having to commute to a cubicle somewhere in a traditional office space, in which case I highly recommend an investment in some good, reliable work tools like a good broadband connection for starters.