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Best Tips to Saving Money on Office Supplies

Interested in outfitting your home or business but can’t find the way to buy cheap office supplies online? Here are some strategies to help you get all you need and still stay within budget. 

  1. Buy office supplies in large quantities:
    This goes without saying, but by buying your office supplies in bulk, you will not only save money but also avoid running out of staples. However, you must also be careful that you do not pay for rarely-used items!
  2. Why not buy office furniture in after-holiday sales?
    It may be last year’s model but it’s still trendy and brand new! This applies to all your office needs, not only to a computer desk or to an electric pencil sharpener but also to pens, planners and even PDAs and computers!
  3. Find out if the office supplies store is offering a business discount:
    Supplying startups or small businesses with stationary, office machines, ink cartridges or furniture is no easy matter and stationery stores know that very well. Of course, you can also search online to take a look at a range of supplies for your staff, this way you will also have access to a larger range of supplies that can be more suited to your needs. So ask your office equipment shop to create a business account, there is often an enormous difference in terms of the tax proceeds and you might just find that you also get volume discounts.
  4. Buy all your office needs online:
    No matter if you are shopping for office, home, business or school, it’s all there! From trusted brands to lesser known office items brands you should know about. You are much more likely to get discount on office supplies by shopping online.
  5. Stock up office equipment before it runs out:
    We’ve all been through this: you wait until there are no more deluxe paper cards so you rush into buying some more… and paying twice as high! It does not take much foresight to buy ahead; like that, you can always compare prices and benefit from special offers and conditions.
  6. Make the most of your office equipment:
    Cartridges contribute to land degradation and yet we all know that printer cartridges can be refilled after cleaning… Let’s think big here! If you work in a school for example or have kids at home, there are lots of fun things to do with office supplies before you need to throw your products in the rubbish bin.
  7. Keep your office supplies in an easily accessible place:
    It may seem ridiculous, when in fact it is not. By keeping the most commonly needed office equipment items visible, you will safe not only your time but also your money.
  8. Use Wipe-off Boards to reduce paper usage:
    Also use both sides of paper, scan your documents instead of distributing hardcopies or reuse boxes.
  9. Make a Stationery Checklist:
    All right, big businesses have big stationery cupboards to pull office supplies from. This is not the case at home or at small offices where a stationery checklist can save you a ton of money at your office supply store.
  10. Go for quality office supplies stores:
    Because you get what you pay for, pay specific attention to such important aspects as invoice management, next day delivery or price guarantee. More often than not, therein lies the difference!