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The Best Package Design Options for Tea

Tea has a fascinating and complicated history that has led to it being a popular drink almost everywhere in the world. And while it has been a favorite in the United Kingdom for a long time, it is only recently starting to catch on in the United States. But it is catching on in a big way, leading to impressive innovations in the tea itself as well as the package design used to protect and market it.

These days, there are more options for tea packaging design than ever before. Each package format has its pros and cons, of course. So, in this post, we will discuss the three most common types of tea packaging, and take a quick look at how some brands are really breaking the mold when it comes to their package design.

Cardboard boxes with tea bags

The classic cardboard box remains the single most popular package design options for tea bags. With the right materials, this type of packaging can provide a decent amount of protection for the tea inside. Plus, it has the benefit of being very lightweight, stackable, and often recyclable. Many brands have taken this traditional format and breathed new life into it with clean, fresh designs that resonate with modern consumers.

Metal tins for tea bags or loose tea

One of the trends we have seen in package design in general is a desire to return to a simpler time, with updated vintage designs being very successful. Metal tins have become popular again for many products, and that includes tea as well. These metal containers are used for tea bags as well as loose leaf tea, providing excellent protection against moisture, light, and oxidation. The rigid container exudes an air of luxury, exclusivity and quality.

Zip pouches for bulk tea leaf

Putting tea in a zipper pouch is a somewhat recent phenomenon, closely related to the increase in wholesale and bulk tea businesses operating online. The material from which the pouch package design is made is determinant in how the tea will be protected. Because they are less common, zip pouches with tea instantly stand out among other brands on store shelves, and they provide plenty of surface area for communicating product information and brand identity.

Custom packaging design for tea products

Lately, we are seeing very creative package design ideas from numerous tea brands. One example is Zodiac Tea, which has opted for a short, round tin in which an assortment of tea bags are arranged, standing up in a circular pattern. Then, there is Tea Smile, which looks more like a piece of origami artwork than a package of tea. In keeping with the trend, more and more companies are seeking these custom packaging solutions (discover more at to make their products stand out.

We are seeing that there is no need to limit ourselves when it comes to tea packaging design. In a market that is increasingly competitive, making your product stand out is more important than ever.