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5 Ways To Get Small Loans For Specific Purchases

There will be times in life when you don’t have quite enough money to get something specific that you need to improve your quality of life. You know that you earn enough to pay for something in the long term, but on short notice, your finances just don’t cut it. So what do you do? You get a loan.


And because you’re aiming for something specific (like a car or a house, for example), the approach to getting that loan is more definite, and you can look to things like private loan companies, local banks, friends and family, specific financing options, and even potentially from the government.

Private Loan Companies

For short, quick loans where spectacular credit isn’t all that big of a deal, you can look into third party private loans for small amounts without too much worry. There are probably thousands of these small lenders, and they often have a specialty or niche that they deal with to keep their business organized as well. Some smell lenders specialize in small business loans, or loans for car down payments, for instance.

Local Banks

Getting a loan from a bank doesn’t necessarily have to be that big of an ordeal either. If your credit is in order, if you know all of the numbers you need to, including how much you need, how much your income is, what your other bills are, etc., then it should be a fairly straightforward process. Either you’re in the positive zone for getting a loan, or you’re a risk, and you may have to look somewhere less official for your required cash flow.

Friends and Family

An option that can be overlooked if it doesn’t smack you on the head with a stick is the fact that you can always borrow money from family and friends in a pinch if you need to. As long as you make sure that all parties involved understand if there’s a return on the investment or if there’s any sort of unofficial timeline involved.

Specific Financing

If you’re buying a car, sometimes you can get financing from the dealership. If you’re buying a house, sometimes you can get financing through the real estate agent you’re working with. When it comes down to it, most major would purchases have some sort of built-in way of getting you the money that you need for the purchase. But you would have to be careful while selecting the right financing solution to find the best one suited to your needs. Especially when it comes to housing finance. Whether you need to access your home equity, or you need to renew your mortgage, you should find the appropriate method of acquiring them. This could be possible by seeking private mortgages Red Deer (or one near you) as it could provide specific solutions when it comes to mortgages. Similarly, if you require a car loan, you should approach a financer who can grant a loan based on your requirements and needs.

From the Government

And especially in the realm of business, the government may be able to help you out as well. If whatever you’re getting into helps a geographical area, like you’re making a business to help sick people for example, then you’ll often be able to get loans and grants from area officials because it’s a positive project.