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4 Myths About Selling Your Car for Scrap

There are plenty of myths floating around that prevent people from having their old car scrapped or recycled. This is unfortunate since people often pass up the chance to make a lot of money simply because of complete falsehoods. We don’t want that to happen to you, so make sure you know what’s right and what isn’t.


  1. You Need an MOT Certificate

There’s very little that you can do with a car that doesn’t have an MOT certificate, but you can have it scrapped or recycled. Just contact a car recycling or scrappage company and they will arrange for the car to be picked up at its current location so you don’t have to drive it anywhere yourself.

  1. You Can’t Scrap Larger Vehicles

Okay, this is a myth based on truth. There are many scrapping and recycling centres that will refuse to take vehicles such as lorries, buses, and trailers. This is simply because they aren’t equipped to deal with such large machines. Luckily, we can take care of these vehicles, although it’s best to call one of our specialists to arrange everything.

  1. You Can’t Keep the Nameplate

There are many reasons why someone would want to hang onto their current nameplate; it doesn’t matter what yours is, the only thing you need to know is that this is perfectly possible. After all, you’re getting rid of the car, not the nameplate itself. All you need to do is head to the DVLA website to fill out their online application and pay a fee that retains the vehicle registration number.

  1. Scrapping isn’t Eco-Friendly

Scrapping needs to be eco-friendly because the law currently states that we need to recycle at least 85% of the car’s weight. Of course, we’re not happy with the minimum, so our team will strip the vehicle of all its useful parts and resources to ensure that nothing is wasted. If even the smallest part can be separated and recovered, we’ll make sure it happens.

You shouldn’t let myths like these stand in the way of getting money for your old car. So, what are you waiting for?