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3 Ways You Can Save Money On Transportation

Every day you’re faced with the reality of having to get somewhere. For the people who are lucky enough to have cars, the issue of transportation isn’t really a big one. However, much of the world isn’t lucky enough to own their own vehicle for a host of different reasons. At that point, the economic question isn’t even a factor.


The more people that have cars all to themselves, the more people commute miles and miles each day and are emitting toxins into the atmosphere and using fossil fuels. It’s a terrible waste of money and resources when you think about it. But alas, transportation is still a must, and convenience always wins out in the end. If you are facing a transportation issue for lack of finances, here are 3 ways you can save money and still get where you need to go:

Use the Money You Already Spend to Get Perks

Everybody wants to receive something for the money that they spend, and for the most part, they do. But if you could find a way to spend money and get free and discounted transportation out of the deal, wouldn’t you do it? Well, even if you don’t have the best credit, you can build your credit, not have to spend any extra money, and get free airfare out of the deal by signing up for an airline miles credit card.

As long as you’re good at paying off your bills, you’ll really get the most out of this trick. Whenever you shop at the grocery store or go to the supermarket, just put it on the credit card so that you can build miles. Be sure to allocate the money you would have used anyway to pay off the credit card that month before any interest accrues, but if you do this, you’ll get travel and improved credit practically for free.

Company Carpool

If your work doesn’t already have a carpool service, suggest that they start one. They might even offer to pay you for your time if you put one together for them. It’s very beneficial for the company as a whole because when several employees can save money by not having to drive to work all the time, they’re going to be happier and relationships will be built in the commute. This will strengthen the company from within, which will always bring in more capital.

Organize Your Thoughts

What does organizing your thoughts have to do with saving money on transportation? Well, do you ever go to the store only to realize you forgot something important as soon as you got home? You don’t really realize how much driving back and forth you do for stuff like this. If you could just organize your thoughts and figure out how to do everything in one go, you’d save a lot of money on gas, but you’d also save yourself a lot of time and time is money.