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3 Skills To Gain To Better Manage Your Finances

Whether you’re planning to get a career as a CPA or another financial position or you simply are the one in charge of managing your family’s or your own finances, there are likely a few things you can do that will help you to better understand and manage money. Even just basic money management skills can make a big difference in the way you think about money and the way you manage your own finances. Especially if you choose to work in the finance industry, having a proven track record with basic money management principles will make it that much easier for you to relate to your clients and help them with their own financial issues. So to help everyone to go one step further in their own financial understanding, here are three skills to gain if you want to be better at managing your money.

Distinguish Between Wants and Needs

Being able to tell the difference between what your wants are and what your actual needs are is going to be a huge help when looking at how you manage your money. While it can be difficult to take the emotion out of some purchases, it’s these emotions that normally make it hard to specify something as a want or a need. But according to Dr. Penny Pincher of, separating your wants and your needs is one of the best ways to become more disciplined in your spending. There will always be things you want desperately, but your necessities should always come first.

Maintain A Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score can make managing your finances so much easier than if you have a bad credit score. When you have a bad credit score, it means you’ve done something with your finances that have labeled you as a bad credit risk. Sadly, it usually takes a little while to work your way back to a good credit score from a bad credit score. So if you have a good credit score now, Nancy L. Anderson, a contributor to, recommends doing all you can to maintain that good credit score. Don’t take on unnecessary debt, don’t miss payments, and protect your identity from anyone who might damage your credit score.

Desire For Continual Education

Details regarding finance are constantly changing. Interest rates move around, markets shift, and inflation abounds. Knowing this, Rick Kahler, a contributor to Time Money, writes that if you want to be considered a financial expert, you have to always have a desire for continual education regarding finances and financial principles. The longer you keep in touch with market trends, the more wisdom you’ll gain. Over time, this wisdom will help you know how to better manage your money and eventually rest easy with your financial future.

If you want to find ways to nurture your relationship with finance, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.